Arabic Conversation Course تَكَلَّم


Takallam”تكلم”  Conversation course is for those who learned Arabic basics and are ready to practice speaking and understanding conversational Arabic.

A native Arabic teacher will help you to widen your vocabulary and improve your fluency. He/she will be engaging with you in different topics and conversations that suit your needs whether is just day to day Arabic or current events in media and news.

  • Arabic: Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)
  • Skill Level:  Beginner (A2) to Advanced
  • Price: 5 USD/hour (per person)
  • Price (for private): 9 USD/hour
  • Course Duration: 10 lessons/ 2 times a week/ 15 hours total
  • Lesson Duration: 1.5 hour
  • Class Size: Small groups
  • Teachers: Native Arabic Speakers
  • Pre-course Assessment: Online Written & Oral Test
  • Registration fees:  10 USD (For one year/ doesn’t apply to students who already registered)

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A2, B1, B2, C1


Small Group Course, Private Course