Arabic Mini Conversation Course MSA-ECA


Ahlan’s Arabic Mini Conversation course is for those who learned Arabic basics and are ready to practice speaking and understanding conversational Arabic.

A native Arabic teacher will help you to widen your vocabulary and improve your fluency. He/she will be engaging with you in different topics and conversations that suit your needs whether it is just day to day Arabic or current events in media and news and also different Arab culture traditions.

  • Group Course Price: 5 USD/hour (per person)
  • Course Duration: 5 lessons/ 1 time a week/ 10 hours total
  • Lesson Duration: 2 hour
  • Class Size: Small groups
  • Teachers: Native Arabic Speakers
  • Pre-course Assessment: Online Written & Oral Test
  • No Registration fees
  • Group Classes only

NEW MSA GROUP CLASS IS AVAILABLE, Starting from 23/1/2024

Please send an email to: [email protected] for more details

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Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), Egyptian Arabic (ECA)