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Ramadan Traditions in the Arab World

Webinar Ramadan

Ramadan is such a special time for Arabs and Muslims, it´s the month where the Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohamed PBUH, and many non-Muslims don’t know beyond the fact that Muslims observe fasting during these days.


So, a cultural and educational center we thought it was necessary to educate people about this blessed month.

The webinar is conducted by the esteemed Instructor Sallam El Senousy, whose expertise in cultural education brings depth and authenticity to the session.


To ensure accessibility and inclusivity, the webinar was delivered in both Egyptian Arabic and English, enabling participants from various linguistic backgrounds to engage fully. Additionally, the webinar is free of charge, emphasizing our commitment to spreading knowledge and fostering cultural understanding.

With a duration of 1 hour and 15 minutes, the webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of Ramadan, encompassing its historical, cultural, and spiritual dimensions. Participants will with a richer understanding of the Holy Month, its significance to Muslims, and the diversity of traditions that encompass this remarkable time.

In this webinar you will learn about Arab traditions in the Holy Month of Ramadan, and how Muslims celebrate it around the world generally and Egypt specially . Also, you will get to know the traditional food, and the most important Arabic phrases and words used during this Month.
You will also learn about:
  • The five pillars of Islam.
  • Goal of fasting and its benefits.
  • When did fasting become compulsory for Muslims.
  • How does a Muslim fast in Europe.
  • When can a Muslim break his or her fast.

Lecturer: Instructor Sallam El Senousy. 
Date: 15th of March 2023
Time: 7 pm Egyptian Time
 Language: Egyptian Arabic and English
Cost: For free
Duration: 1:15 Hour

Webinar Reviews

Claudia Vona
Claudia VonaItaly
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Thank you very much for all the info and for the opportunity you gave us to learn more about Ramadan!!
Ulrike Noack
Ulrike NoackGermany
Read More
thank you for the interesting webinar!
Siasky Blanco
Siasky BlancoCosta Rica
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thank you, and thanks for the frases !
Aleksandrs Grigorjevs
Aleksandrs GrigorjevsLatvia
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I would love to share this wonderful webinar with my friends!

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