Online contest

In celebration of Ahlan World Birthday, Online Contest

Celebrate Ahlan’s 19th Birthday with an Exciting Online Competition! 

We’re hosting an online competition that promises to be both fun and informative.

Join us as whether you are a language enthusiast, beginner or advanced student, or simply curious about the Arabic language.

During the competition, participants will be challenged with trivia questions all centered around Arab culture. Additionally, they will engage in interactive activities through pictures and music.

To add to the excitement, we will be awarding the winner with one free hour of Arabic language no matter what their level is.

Let’s come together, celebrate Arabic language and culture, and make Ahlan’s 19th birthday a truly memorable occasion.

Ahlan, where language comes alive!

Contest Details

Date: 31st of July
Time: 7 pm Egyptian Time 
 Language: English
Reward: one free hour of Arabic class
Duration: 1 Hour

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Rene Spitz
Rene SpitzNetherlands
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It was fun participating.

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