Homonyms in Arabic

الجِناس التَّام

Homonyms are words that have the same spelling and pronunciation but don’t have the same meaning. In Arabic we call this set of words “كلمات الجِناس التَّام” “Al ginas al tam”. Al tam means “complete” because the letters of these words have to agree in number, order and their vocalization.

Here are some Arabic homonyms:

2 المَعْنَى الثَّاني 1 المَعْنَى الأوَّل الكلمة
Water spring Eye عَيْن
Reminder, memo Ticket تَذْكِرة
Falling Amateur هَاوٍ
Next/ following Reader تالٍ
Factor Worker عَامِل
“هو أهْلٌ لِ”
Relatives/ family أَهْل
Neighborhood Alive حَيّ
Napper “Someone who takes a nap”. Teller قَائِل
Desk Office مَكْتَب
Horn Century قَرْن
Mile “ unit of measurement” Tendency مَيْل
Date History تَارِيخ
Show Offer عَرْض
Cucumber Choice, option خِيَار
Envelop Circumstance ظَرْف
Friend, companion Owner صَاحِب
Gold He went ذَهَب
Morocco (country) Sunset/one of the 5 prayers in Islam المَغْرِب
Flat land, plain Easy سَهْل
Guide Proof دَلِيل
Great (plural)
جَمْع عَظيم
جَمْع عَظْمَة
Good manners Literature أَدَب
Liquid Asker/ questioner سَائِل
Package Expulsion طَرْد

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