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Most Famous Love movies of the Egyptian cinema

A movie that makes us cry and that unites us with the characters must be a labor of love. Alex Agenda has made a list of famous romantic movies and couples from the Egyptian cinema to celebrate the Egyptian Valentine’s Day on the 4th of November. Enjoy reading the list and remembering other romantic movies that moved your heart.

Nahar El Hob
The River of Love
نهر الحُب

Production year: 1960

Couple: Nawal and Khaled

Actors: Faten Hamama,Omar Sharif,Zaki Rostom

Director:  Ezzel Dine Zulficar 

Based on: Leo Tolstoy‘s novel, Anna Karenina

Plot: Nawal played by Faten Hamama marries Taher Pasha (Zaki Rostom) to save her brother Mamdouh (Omar Al Hariri) from jail due to unpaid debts. She gives birth to a child and later on meets Khaled (Omar Sharif) the army officer whom she falls in love with.

Both lovers keep their love in the dark until the husband finds out. When Taher Pasha faces Nawal with her infidelity she confesses and asks for divorce which he refuses. Nawal’s brother Mamdouh threatens Taher Pasha to expose his transgressions to the press if he doesn’t divorce Nawal. Taher divorces Nawal but keeps custody of her child. Khaled dies at the war, and Nawal fails to get her child back, the thing that leads her to commit suicide by binding herself to a railroad.

Trivia: The film has been criticized for encouraging infidelity and for not addressing any social problem.

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