Egyptian phrases for different occasions

عِبارات مصرية في مُناسبات مُختلفة
Egyptian Phrases in Different Occasions

Egyptian phrases for different occasions
Said to someone who is traveling. – Have a safe trip.
– Thank you.

– تِوْصَل\ي بالسَّلامة.

– الله يسلمك.


If someone made something with their hand like a meal Bless your hand. تِسْلَم إيدَك\ تِسْلَم إيدِك – .2

If you want to pass through. -Excuse me.
-Go ahead.

– بَعْد إذْنَك\ بَعد إذْنِك

– إتفضل.


Showing someone that you’re happy to have them at your place -Good to have you.
– Thank you.
Lit. it means you’re lighting up the place, and the answer means it’s your light.

– منَوَّر\ة

– ده نورَك\ده نورِك


If someone asks you for a favor and you will happily do it for them. – Gladly(lit. from my eyes)
-Thank you (lit. bless your eyes)

– مِن عينيا.

– تسلم عينيك.


Used in annual occasions such as: birthdays, feasts, new year Season’s greetings “Many happy returnings”

– كُل سَنَة وإنتَ طَيِّب.

– وإنت طيّب.


During feasts Happy feast عيد سَعيد – .7

When congratulating someone Congratulations.
-Thank you!

– مَبْروك

– الله يبارِك فيك\ي


Said in a happy occasion like a wedding, wishing for someone else the same thing. Next time is your turn عُقْبالَك\عُقْبالِك – .9

Wishing a sick person a quick recovery. -Get well soon.
-Thank you.

– سَلامْتَك\سَلامْتِك

– الله يسلّمَك\الله يسلّمِك


Supporting someone by wishing them good luck -All the best.
-May God be with you.

– بالتَّوفيق

– ربّنا معاك\ي


Offering condolences -May you have a long life.
– You too.

– البَقِيّة في حياتك

– في حياتك الباقية


When congratulating someone for their newborn. -Congratulations for the baby.

– يِتْرَبى فِي عِزَّك
(male born)

– تتربى في عزك

(female born)


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