Food expresions

جمل بنستخدمها على الأكل (لهجة مصرية)
Phrases Used at the Dining Table
(Egyptian Dialect)

Food expresions

Words and expressions said by the host when inviting someone over to eat at their home…


  • اِتْفَضَّل \ ي

Etfaddal (to m)/ Etfaddaly ( to f)

This word could be used in various situations. It could be said when you’re giving someone something, or when you allow someone to enter after knocking. Also, it’s used to tell the guest to start eating or drinking what he has been served.

  • البيت بيتك

El beit beitak (to m)

El beit beitek (to f)

Literally: the house is yours “mi casa es su casa”, showing the guest that he/she can consider your house as theirs.

  • الأكل جاهِز

El Akl gahez

“Food is served”. Literally: food is ready.

  • مِدّ إيدك.

Med eidak ( to m)/ meddy eidek ( to f)

Literally: Reach your hand out for food. It can be said to a guest who is a little shy to start eating.

  • بالهَنَا والشِّفا

Bel hana wel shefa

Bon appetit ! Used mostly as a reply to someone who is complementing the food.


Expressions to thank the host and compliment their food:

  • سُفْرَة دايْمة

Sofra daima

Said to someone after finishing a meal in their house. It means that you wish that their table never runs out of food.

  • دايمًا عامِر

Daiman Amer

Referring to the house, “may your house always be full of guests and food.”

  • تِسلَم إيدَك

Teslam eidak (to m)/ Teslam eidek (to f)

Literally: May your hands be safe. Used to express your gratitude for the food or drink you are offered.

  • الأَكْل تُحْفَة

El Akl Tohfa

The food is amazing

  • الأَكْل طَعمُه حِلو أوي

El Akl ta’mo helw awy

The food tastes really good


Expressing wishes or conditions:

  • نِفْسِي آكُل……

Nefsy akol……

“I feel like eating…”. This phrase can be used in other situations too. Not necessarily with food, though it’s the most common usage.

  • أنا جعان\ أنا جعانة

Ana ga’an (m)/ ana ga’ana

I’m hungry

  • أنا مش جعان\ أنا مش جعانة

Ana mesh ga’an/ ana mesh ga’ana

I’m not hungry 

  • عندي حساسية من …

‘andy hasaseiya min

I’m allergic to

  • أنا نباتي \ أنا نباتية

Ana nabaty (m) /ana nabateiya (f)

I’m vegetarian 

  • أنا عامل/ة دايت

Ana ‘amel diet/ana ‘amla diet

I’m on a diet

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