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مُسَلْسلات عربية بالفُصْحَى

Arab TV Shows in Modern Standard Arabic

When learning a new language, watching television series has a great linguistic benefit. It also presents the customs and the traditions of the targeted language speakers to the viewer. Arabs have a rich library of Arabic TV series which constitute an important part of their lives . Most of the series are in colloquial Arabic since it’s the language spoken on a daily basis in the Arab world. On the other hand, Modern Standard Arabic is the language used for historical TV series and modern social series aimed for children and education purposes.

Enjoy learning Arabic online by watching this Fusha Arabic TV series:

أبو الطّيِّب المُتَنَبّي - Abu al-Tayyeb al-Mutanabbi

أبو الطّيِّب المُتَنَبّي
Abu al-Tayyeb al-Mutanabbi


The Arabic literature lovers will definitely like this show.This is a Syrian series about one of the most important Arab poets “Al Mutannabi” whose life is portrayed alongside other poets of his era.

رَبيع قُرْطُبة - The Spring of Cordoba

رَبيع قُرْطُبة
The Spring of Cordoba


A syrian-moroccan TV series depicting the emergence of the Amiri state in Andalusia by showing the reality of social life back then in Cordoba. This series won the Golden Award in 2005 as the best series and script in the field of historical drama.

عُمَر - Omar



An Arabic historical series produced in 2012 telling the biography of the Prophet’s Companion Omar Ibn Al-Khattab. A controversy has erupted in the Arab World around this series by conservative Musilms who refuse for the Prophet’s Companions to be portrayed.

العَبابيد - Al-Ababid



A Syrian historical tragic series, aired for the first time in 1997. It tells the story of the Arab Queen Zenobia who ruled Palmyra, and revolted against the Romans, the most powerful forces of that era. The work touched on the social classes, customs and social traditions that prevailed in the Palmyrene society at that time.

الفَوارِس - The cavaliers

The cavaliers


This is another Syrian series from the historical fantasy category. It depicts the times-old conflict between the Arabs , the Persians and the Byzantines commonly referred to by the Arabs as the Ruum [The Europeans].

عَنْتَرَة بن شَدَّاد - Antarah Ibn Shaddad

عَنْتَرَة بن شَدَّاد
Antarah Ibn Shaddad


This series depicts the life of Antarah Bin Shaddad, a black poet and warrior from the pre-Islamic era. It showed how Antarah had defied the social caste system in expressing his love for ‘Ablah, the daughter of a notable, and how he suffered from discrimination despite his reputation as a fearless warrior. In the Arab imagination, Antara’s love relationship with Abla is comparable to the Romeo and Juliet story.

سُقوط الخِلافة- The Fall of the Caliphate

سُقوط الخِلافة
The Fall of the Caliphate


A historical television series in which a number of actors from all over the Arab world have participated. The series reveals the secrets of the fall of the Ottoman Caliphate.

اِمْرؤ القَيْس- Imru' al-Qais

اِمْرؤ القَيْس
Imru’ al-Qais

A historical series that talks about the life of the pre-Islamic poet Imru’ al-Qais “the father of the Arabic poetry”, who is looking for revenge for his father who was treacherously murdered.

الأبْطال - The champions

The champions

The series chronicles the French campaign against Egypt in 1798 led by the French General Napoleon Bonaparte, focusing on the impact of the French presence on the Egyptians, and the aspects of resistance carried out by all Egyptians against the occupation forces.

كليوباترا - Cleopatra


A historical Egyptian television drama that narrates the life of Queen “Cleopatra VII”, the last ruler of the Ptolemies in the beginning of the Roman era in Egypt.


أوراق الزمن المر
Awrak az-zaman al mor

For a change, this Arabic social TV series is in Modern Standard Arabic not colloquial Arabic. It tells the story of a greedy man who is trying to seize the lands of the people of his village.

افتح يا سمسم - Open Sesame

افتح يا سمسم
Open Sesame

There is no shame in watching Kids shows to learn a new language. “Iftah ya Simism” , is an Arab co-production TV program aimed for children inspired by the famous American Television show Sesame Street.

 جاري العزيز- My Dear Neighbor

جاري العزيز
My Dear Neighbor

Here is another Arabic TV series aimed for educating Arab children. The episodes occur in a building where funny situations take place between two neighbors.


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