Current Affairs in Arabic

In this lesson, we are presenting a short video from alarabiya News Channel tackling the issue of power shortage in China. The video is accompanied by a translation of the main vocabulary, in addition to exercises that will test your comprehension.

بسبب الجفاف.. الصين تلجأ للفحم لتوليد الطاقة الكهربائية

Giantعِملاقة audio
Preventingحياد audio
Receiveتلقّى، يتلقّى audio
Heatwaveموجة حرارة audio
Lack of rainشُحّ أمطار audio
Droughtجفاف audio
Generatingتوليد audio
Hydroelectricityالطاقة الكهرومائية audio
Provinceمُقاطعة audio
Bleedingنزيف audio
Traditionalتقليدي audio
Coverageتغطية audio
Failure, shortageعجز audio
Comparing toمُقارنةً ب audio
Tendencyتَوَجُّه audio
Provokeأثار، يُثير audio
Temporaryمُؤقّت audio
Path, procedureنَهْج audio
Expertخَبير، خُبراء audio
Suggestطَرَحَ، يطْرَح audio
Worried, afraidمُتوجّس audio
Pretext, excuseذَريعة audio
vicious circleحَلَقَة مُفْرَغة audio

Now that you watched the video answer the following questions

Fill in the blanks with the correct word as you heard it in the video:

Read the following sentences and check if they’re true or false according to your understanding of the video:

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