Ahlan World is an Arabic language school in Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and Italy. What makes unique Ahlan World schools is our philosophy of teaching. For us, teaching a new language isn’t the only objective, we also want to bring the different cultures closer to everyone. It is why Ahlan courses join the traditional way of learning languages with an incredible cultural experience to have an exhaustive encounter that goes past that of a normal language class.

Outside the study hall, we offer to the students an occasion to take part in the native culture bringing students to activities with neighborhood associations, workshops, and extracurricular exercises or excursions. With this multi-faceted methodology, students at Ahlan World will have a personal and linguistical experience. In fact, every school offers additionally an exceptional learning climate, similarly to every one of the urban communities and nations in the Arab world.

We also want to give all the facilities possible for students. They can pick the center that best suits their interests, conditions, and individual goals. Make sure to check every location and school before taking any decision. We are waiting for you with open arms in the Ahlan family!

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