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Lorem Ipsum: My first blog post for Ahlan to train

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5 Simple Arabic Poems that are Easy to Read

5 Simple Arabic Poems that are Easy to Read

Entering the realm of Arabic Poetry might be daunting for the Arabic learner. Arabic prosody, the science of poetry, is...

The longstanding Influence of Arabic on Spanish Language

The longstanding Influence of Arabic on Spanish Language

Did you know that many of today’s Spanish words are originally derived from Arabic? Arabic has had a considerable influence...

Tea in the Arab World

Tea Culture and Traditions in the Arab World

By Farah El Akkad, journalist. It goes without saying that Tea is the most celebrated drink in Egypt and the...

Egyptian Wedding Traditions

An Egyptian couple tying the knot following the rituals of their ancient Egyptian ancestors.Photo by Fadel Dawood Egypt is a...

11 Tips to Improve your Arabic Reading Skills

11 Tips to Improve Your Arabic Reading Skills

A study (دراسة) conducted at the University of Haifa revealed that the same left hemisphere of your brain that is...

7 Interesting Superstations and Believes Arabs Believe in

7 Interesting Superstations and Beliefs Arabs Believe in

Beliefs and superstations are passed on from generation to generation. Some of them are based on religious beliefs but others...

Main Photo Arabic Rise Global language

Facts and Events that Made Arabic Rise as a Global Language

By Mireia Costa About 320 million people speak Arabic as their first language, that’s almost as many native English speakers...

5 Influential Movies About Women‘s Rights in the Egyptian Cinema

In the Arab world, March is the month of Woman شْهْر المَرْأةby excellenceبامتياز Not only Women’s Day is celebrated internationally...

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